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Podcast: Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chairman Cobra Beer Partnership - Adapting to survive

As the financial crash of 2008 rocked the foundations of the business landscape, Lord Bilimoria tuned-in to his human, embracing a joint venture to protect his people and save his business.

Louise Brown Coaching - Lord Karan Bilimoria - Adapting to survive

20 years after launching his business, Lord Bilimoria had quickly established a household name and delivered consistent double-digit growth.

But as the financial crash of 2008 rocked the foundations of the business landscape, he felt the ground shifting beneath his feet. With losses that totalled £13.6 million and £26 million of debt on the balance sheet, a new and evolving reality emerged, and survival meant relinquishing control and embracing a minority shareholding to forge a joint venture.

Be inspired by the personal story behind the headlines as Lord Bilimoria shares the human practises and resources he drew upon to adjust to a new balance in power and save his business.

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