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The most empowering leaders understand that when a human joins or leaves an organisation it can be a significant and memorable marker for them, and that sometimes an exit (or an external hire) isn't always the only option.


See how applying a human lens from the start and being brave enough to have difficult conversations along the way can help you empower your people to grow themselves and your organisation on their journey, reducing the risk of cultural damage, execution delays and cracks in leadership alignment...

The empowering effect of human-centric hiring and exiting

The way you treat people at key stages of their journey has a direct impact on the perception of your leadership integrity and the connection they have with their work. By applying a human approach, giving individuals the information (and if necessary, feedback) they need to make decisions on their role, you foster a dynamic of respect, openness and increased loyalty. By removing confusion and procrastination, you can protect your future culture and propel your future growth. 

The empowering effect of human-centric hiring & exiting: Louise Brown Coaching

Hire people that are better than you and then leave them to get on with it.

David Ogilvy


5 signs you could better activate your hiring and exit process for growth

  1. Recruitment takes too long and you lose good candidates to competitors

  2. New joiners are surprised or challenged by the scope of their role after they've joined

  3. There is limited human connection prior to a team member joining or after they've left

  4. You generally don't ever hire people back again

  5. You don't ask for feedback on your recruitment process


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