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I work with a range of ambitious leaders from CEOs and partners to founders, directors and aspiring senior managers.

When you tune in to your human you lead from a different place. Decisions are easier to make, relationships are easier to manage, and growth is easier to create.


Contrary to what you might have been told, you CAN meet your growth objectives and deliver on your promises to yourself, your investors, your people, customers and family. 


I help leaders and teams get from where they are to where they want to be.


Highly tailored support over a series of 1:1 sessions to help you create change, over a period of time that works for you and your goals. Sessions can be in person or virtual, and range from 1 hour to half a day - depending on your needs. Most valuable when you are looking for powerful individual support to create lasting transformation.

Louise Brown Coaching: Facilitation


Team coaching and facilitation to help you get the most value from time away from the day to day. Includes design, structure and delivery of offsites, exec sessions and interventions to inspire and connect your teams on your change agenda. Most valuable when you want support to drive collaboration and create tangible outcomes.

Strategy Consulting: Louise Brown Coaching


Partnering with you to drive business growth on a project or ongoing basis, from your go-to-market approach to your internal structure.
A fresh pair of attuned and focused eyes to help you identify risks and opportunities.

Most valuable when you need an experienced advisor to inject fresh insight to drive growth.


As a guest speaker I cover a range of leadership topics tailored to your change agenda. Inspiring and connecting an audience on growth from a human perspective, I draw on my coaching insights, personal journey and leadership experiences. Most valuable for timely intervention with larger audiences or roundtable discussions.

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For a human-to-human chat about supercharging your growth, more information and options

David Butler: Louise Brown Coaching

David Butler
CEO, Crew Clothing

 What has been hugely helpful about Louise is her skill and ability to grasp the various challenges that we have, many of which are varied and evolving. They often require solutions from other sectors, where she sees the bigger picture that is sometimes overlooked. Louise successfully ensures your goal is never forgotten and that the objective – which for us is generally always growth – is pulled back into the solution and not lost in a world of advisory chat.

Carli Niemann: Louise Brown Coaching

Carli Niemann 

Head of Finance, Coda

Having a demanding role in actively supporting a high growth business, including managing some pivotal financing events, I felt overwhelmed with the limited bandwidth to plan and think more strategically. Working with Louise I developed confidence and focus, along with strategies to actively manage my time and energy levels, giving me breathing space to make key decisions for my future and support the business better. 

Shashi Prashad: Louise Brown Coaching

Shashi Prashad
Partner, KPMG

I started working with Louise just as I became a partner and was feeling very much like the new 'baby in the room'. In our work together I tested different approaches and created some tangible wins, gaining stature amongst my peers. It broadened my confidence so I felt my new role wasn't simply an accident but rooted in what unique value I could bring to the partnership. My perspective is now sought after internally and in the media.

No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it

Albert Einstein


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