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Inspire your audience to harness their leadership superpower!


Time and again over my 20 year career working in and with businesses, I noticed traditional leadership styles don’t factor in our human - leaving leaders and their teams tired, frustrated and ineffective.


Hear why this happens to us as humans, and how each of us has the power to change it. Using relatable, everyday examples I draw on my personal story, illustrating the role that tuning in to our human plays in accessing our full potential, both as individuals and as teams.  

  • Hear why we default to the status quo when we're leading and how it keeps us in a vicious circle

  • Understand the depth of connection between the human experience and the results we deliver

  • See how it's possible to disrupt the 'traditional' approach and go beyond what holds us back 

  • Hear how tuning in to your human enables you to lead from a different place where decisions are easier to make, relationships are easier to manage, and growth is easier to create

  • Connect your audience on a deeper level with relatable everyday examples they can build on to create immediate change

  • Inspire your audience to break free of what holds them back and realise their full potential - harnessing their leadership superpower!


  • Build self-awareness 

  • Create space for reflection and change

  • Disrupt traditional ways of thinking

  • Encourage deeper connections

  • Create more fruitful conversations

  • Spark imagination beyond the status quo

  • Create energy for and faith in change



As a guest speaker I aim to inspire and connect an audience on tuning in to their human to harness their leadership superpower. I draw on my coaching insights, personal journey and leadership experiences. Available both in person and virtually, this is most valuable for timely intervention with larger audiences or facilitated roundtable discussions.

We are always the heroes of our own stories, but sometimes we forget we are the authors too. A great leader reminds those they lead to pick up the pen.



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