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Executive Coaching is a highly targeted outcomes-based intervention grounded in the philosophy that you are not broken and don't need fixing.

My role as a coach is in service of you; you are the expert in your own world and I won't tell you what to do. By partnering with you and understanding your goals, I help you create time and space, along with asking probing questions to allow you to build your self-awareness and explore options, so you can confidently take decisive action. Because I'm focused solely on your agenda, I ask the questions others might not, helping you unlock growth and create lasting change much more quickly and comfortably than you might do on your own. 

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Is coaching right for me?
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Having worked with hundreds of leaders I've seen at various stages many share a common human problem; they'd like things to look different but feel stuck or unable to make it happen.

Do you feel your energy isn't being invested where you can really make a difference? Or that there's growth potential you can't access right now?
Do you feel stuck or bogged down?

Do you wish you had a sounding board from a trusted, professional thinking partner who doesn't have their own agenda and is dedicated solely to your needs? 


Whether you're in a scale-up, growth business or a blue-chip company, if these questions resonate with you coaching could help. Integrity is one of my core values and I will always tell you if I think coaching isn't right for you - but if it is - it could be the first step you take towards transformational growth. 

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What does it feel like?

For a human-to-human chat and the first step towards realising change

Have a coach. Everyone needs a coach

Eric Shmidt, CEO Google
when asked for the best advice he'd ever received

Michelle Wilson: Louise Brown Coaching

Michelle Wilson
Partner, KPMG UK

I started working with Louise as I transitioned to a new role with more responsibility and pressure on my time. It really helped me step back from the day-to-day and challenge how I operated with my clients and my team, giving clarity on changes I needed to make. This increased self-awareness has been invaluable, elevating the level at which I operate and giving me tools to continue to develop as a leader.

Toby Smeeton: Louise Brown Coaching

Toby Smeeton
Managing Director, Sunday

Louise is pretty rare. She has outstanding C-suite and senior experience, and her approach really targets the heart of the knottiest areas, removing barriers and resolving issues. But perhaps more than this, what sets her apart is that she really gets that there’s a positive commercial endgame for her clients  – in our case, business growth – that is realised as a result of her partnership.

Carli Niemann: Louise Brown Coaching

Carli Niemann 

Head of Finance, Coda

Having a demanding role in a high growth business and managing some pivotal financing events, I felt overwhelmed with limited bandwidth to plan and think more strategically. Working with Louise I developed confidence, focus and strategies to manage my time and energy levels, which has given me breathing space to make key decisions for my future and better support the business.  


For a human-to-human chat and the first step towards creating the change you are looking for

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