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Even a small refocusing of your thinking can unlock more of your potential. I help you fine tune your approach so you can enjoy leading more.


  • Enhance your presence and followership power

  • Immerse and engage others in your vision for the future

  • Connect with others, increase your influence and build a powerbase to help you get things done

  • Foster strong team dynamics – setting operating standards to drive performance

  • Ward off pressure from a resilient foundation

  • Create a legacy you’re proud of, that’s true to yourself

  • Enjoy your success and hard work without burnout and compromising your human needs


  • Build confidence 

  • Communicate impactfully 

  • Delegate comfortably and effectively 

  • Connect and create cohesive teams

  • Lead change

  • Foster a coaching culture 

  • Manage conflict and diffuse it

  • Skillfully influence

  • Manage stress and avoid burnout

  • Move from fear to freedom



Executive Coaching provides highly tailored support over a series of 1:1 sessions to help you create change, over a period of time that works for you and your goals. Sessions can be in person or virtual, and range from 90 mins to half a day - depending on your needs. This service is most valuable when you're looking for powerful individual support to create lasting transformation.

Toby Smeeton: Louise Brown Coaching

Toby Smeeton, Managing Director, The Sunday

Louise is pretty rare. She has outstanding C-suite and senior experience, and her approach targets the heart of the knottiest areas – removing barriers and resolving issues.

But perhaps more than this, what sets her apart is that she really gets that there’s a positive commercial endgame for her clients  – in our case, business growth – that is realised as a result of her partnership.

No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it

Albert Einstein



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