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Podcast: Mike Flewitt, CEO McLaren Automotive - aligning to win the race

Mike reflects with Louise on his journey along the road-less-travelled: to realise his lifelong dream of building a British road car business. As he took the driving seat, leading a fledgling company spun out of a racing titan, he used a human-centric approach to build a high-performance supercar brand that now competes with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini with a 23% share of the market.

As Mike approached his 50th birthday, he bravely declined the cruise control option to retirement and took the road less travelled, joining what was then a fledgling road car company spun out of a racing titan. However, despite all the right ingredients, when Mike pulled up to the start line, he was shocked at the lack of alignment, the business being 3 months from the launch date of its newest model and a track that wasn’t clear. With some leaders distracted by its legacy racing roots, a disconnect between teams, and financial pressure from an unravelling relationship between management and shareholders, he wondered if he’d made the biggest mistake of his career. But Mike’s human-centric approach jump-started the brand, acting like a fuel-injection and radically accelerating performance to compete with the likes of Lambourghini and Ferrari, and growing the business to an impressive 23% share of the market. Join me to hear how this inspiring human-centric leader took his learnings from the early days on the factory floor in Liverpool to realise a lifelong dream on a global scale.

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