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The importance of iteration for leadership and growth

All change comes in iterative steps, but sometimes we forget they are all equally important and focus on the last one. What can we learn about leadership from Bethany Shriever's Gold Win at Tokyo 2020's Olympics?

This morning Bethany Shriever demonstrated an approach that many successful leaders use but which is so often under-valued: the power of iteration.

Bethany crowd-funded her own qualification campaign after UK Sport cut its support for her event in 2016 and worked as a teaching assistant to cover her training costs. When interviewed on the Today Programme for BBC Radio 4 about her Gold win, she said:

1. 'To even be here is an achievement in itself'...

2. 'To make a final is another achievement in itself'...

3. 'To win a medal'...

4. ...'let alone a gold medal'...

'I'm over the moon.'

What can we learn about performance and achieving your goals from this determined, talented and successful athlete? You don't reach your goals overnight, and you can't get to the finish line without each individual step.

Do the humans you work with know that their individual contribution is a real and tangible step towards success? If not tell them - and connect them all to the vision of the finish line so they go into the weekend knowing the difference they are making.

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