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Leadership tool: the human check-in

Bring more focus to your meetings with this simple technique, generate valuable real-time insight into how your team are feeling, and build a strong trust dynamic.

All humans need connection to others to be at our best and flourish. Human check-ins are a quick and simple technique to help increase connectedness in your team, foster a strong trust dynamic, and give you real-time insight into how your team are feeling.

A human check-in practice helps you as a leader:

  • bring more focus to your meetings;

  • get valuable real-time insight on how your team are feeling without having to wait for annual performance meetings or off-sites;

  • reduce the energy you expend second-guessing what is going on for people in the room so you can add value where it really matters;

  • increase trust, in turn enhancing your adaptability as a team to respond to whatever challenges present themselves.

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