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How to use a coaching approach with your team

3 ways to start using a coaching approach with your team today

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You may have heard about using a 'coaching approach' with your team, but what does that actually mean?

Using a coaching approach means that we take elements of coaching practice and bring them into the way in which we relate to others when we feel that might be useful or helpful. Here are some examples of how you can integrate more of a coaching approach in your leadership:


1.   Be fully present

Ever been speaking to someone and noticed how you feel when they get out their phone? You might feel a little bit less important to them, perhaps a little less heard, particularly if they look at it or start texting. When we're being fully present with someone and give them our undivided attention, it changes how they feel. We all know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of this when we speak to someone and we feel that they've really listened to us and understood. Focus on actively listening and temporarily put thoughts about what you need to do next to one side. This way of engaging is incredibly powerfu, don't be surprised if your team seem to magically change the way they respond.

2.   Ask open questions 

Often as a leader, we feel our role is to come up with answers. But when you progress to leadership, a large part of your role becomes about providing the space and context for your team members to find their own. This is particularly effective when leading because you no longer have the bandwidth to be across all the detail. It's also important because unless you are the one completing a task, you don't actually know the best way for that person to get the job done. Asking open questions allows your team the freedom to think openly about the options and doesn't limit them to ones you've already selected based on your own experience. 

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3.   Don't make assumptions about your team's potential

It's tempting to want to lock a situation down and make a judgement about someone's potential when you're leading, particularly if you lead a large team. But the reality is that everyone has room to grow and better themselves. By approaching your team with the assumption that they are all capable of human transformation and growth (just like you are), you won't overlook possibilities and skills that you may not even know they have. As humans, if we feel that someone doesn't see us through the lens of limitations, we feel more confident and motivated to try new things, and we're more likely to push ourselves more outside of our comfort zone. 

How tuned in to your human are you when you're leading? Are you harnessing your superpower as a leader? Get in touch or subscribe for more inspiration, tools and support.

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