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5 signs your communication approach could be limiting your growth potential

Leadership communication is most powerful when it connects your people on a human level - but how can you tell if that isn't happening?

Why communication should be a priority for leaders

The most effective leaders harness communication to build trust and drive loyalty, agility and innovation.

Effective communication can create important feedback loops, acting as a catalyst for growth and maximising the power of your people to help you create change, but sometimes it falls to the bottom of the list.

5 signs your communications are limiting your growth potential

  1. Your leaders say they need support with cascading messages

  2. Your people seem to struggle to adapt quickly to a change in strategy

  3. You hear what your people are thinking long after they have discussed it with each other

  4. When you communicate you don't seem to get many questions

  5. You sometimes wish you heard things about your business direct before you hear them from someone outside your organisation

Effective, human-centric leaders use communication to enhance connection and growth. If you're seeing any of these signs there is opportunity for you to connect your people even more closely, facilitating better growth and better results. Get in touch for an informal chat or subscribe for more insights, tools and inspiration on tuning into the human to supercharge your growth.

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