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5 signs you have an opportunity to drive growth through culture

Culture is key to growth, but could yours better support your business goals? Here are 5 signs you have an opportunity.

Louise Brown Coaching - 5 signs your culture could work harder to drive growth

Why is culture so important?

As humans we are innately sociable animals and crave recognition, respect and trust in order to operate at our best.

In leading by example, modelling behaviour that puts people at ease and openly sharing some of the more human challenges your teams are also grappling with, you can create connections across your teams and break free of the barriers that get in the way of innovation and collaboration.

By creating a shift in the way your people feel and operate on a day to day level, you can increase the collective energy available to help you on your growth journey.

5 signs to look out for when assessing the health of your culture:

  1. You're losing key talent, or are having to compensate for your culture's appeal with renumeration and wider reward

  2. You suffer the impact of risks you weren't aware of in advance

  3. Your teams are emotionally disengaged and their relationship with their work seems transactional

  4. There's a lack of accountability

  5. Key individuals in your business disproportionately impact the working dynamics with wider teams

As a leader of humans, the degree to which you are tuned in to your human directly impacts your culture. Get in touch for an informal chat or subscribe for more insights, tools and inspiration on tuning in to your human to supercharge your growth.

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