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5 signs you have an alignment issue which may affect growth

What are the key signs that your leadership could be better aligned?

Louise Brown Coaching - leadership alignment

Leading can feel like hard work when your team aren't aligned, and we can lose the ability to add our best value.

On the contrary, when everyone is pulling in the same direction, decisions are easier to make, relationships are easier to manage and growth is easier to create. Look out for these signs that your leadership could be more aligned (and your growth rate could be better):

  1. Your time gets sucked away trying to get consensus on key decisions

  2. Your leadership team agree an initiative in the room then fail to execute or execute too slowly

  3. You miss out on commercial opportunities when responsiveness is too slow

  4. You always seem to be wracking your brain on how to foster more collaboration

  5. You find yourself dealing with conflicting agendas which lead and your retention levels are not as high as you would like

As a leader, you can transform your experience of leadership AND it's impact, by ensuring the humans within your team are aligned and aiming for the same shared goal.

By removing the innate barriers of fear and ego that arise from our default hard-wiring at play in all human behaviour, you can get the best from your most important assets; your people - transforming the momentum of your growth, driving innovation and streamlining decision-making.

For support on aligning your leadership team so you have more energy and can deliver better results, faster, get in touch.

Wish you weren't tackling this on your own?

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Want more support on leadership alignment?

Miek Flewitt - CEO McLaren Automotive, Louise Brown Coaching

For more insights, hints and tips on leadership alignment, including my podcast with Mike Flewitt, CEO McLaren Automotive on how he used alignment to create a market-leading challenger brand, click here.



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