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5 signs you could dial up the 'human' in your hiring and exits to increase growth

How do you know if your hiring and exit process has more potential to enhance your growth? Here are 5 signs to look out for

Louise Brown Coaching - 5 signs dialling up the human in your hiring and exits could increase growth

The empowering effect of human-centric hiring and exiting

The most empowering leaders understand that when a human joins or leaves an organisation it can be a significant and memorable marker for them, and that sometimes an exit (or an external hire)

isn't always the only option. Hiring and exits form part of the natural rhythm of any organisation, and they represent a significant opportunity for you as a leader to enhance your growth. And yet, in the midst of other priorities, these connection points in your culture are often not given the attention they need to maximise their opportunity to support growth.

5 signs you could better activate your hiring and exit process for growth

  1. Recruitment takes too long and you lose good candidates to competitors

  2. New joiners are surprised or challenged by the scope of their role after they've joined

  3. There is limited human connection prior to a team member joining or after they've left

  4. You generally don't ever hire people back again

  5. You don't ask for feedback on your recruitment process

If any of these ring true, you could benefit from dialling up the human in the approach you take to hiring and exits. Get in touch for an informal chat or subscribe for more insights, tools and inspiration on tuning into the human to supercharge your growth.

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