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5 signs you are leading with a scarcity mentality

Few leaders avoid falling into a scarcity mindset at some point or another. Here's a quick checklist you can use to identify and minimise the risks to you, your team and your business...

What is a scarcity mentality?

A scarcity mentality or mindset refers to the human tendency to see resources, people and life in general as part of a finite pie, where every piece that is taken leaves less for everyone else. It is a very common human trait, triggered at an innate level but despite our development as a species it is still a very powerful influence on our behaviour.

How do I know if scarcity mentality is affecting my leadership?

If you're not sure whether you ever have a scarcity mindset, ask yourself if you've ever had any of the below thoughts or feelings:

  1. I need to be me all over this - I know that technically I could be doing other things but I'm not sure anyone on my team can do it as well as me and if I'm not involved we'll drop a ball, and they might think I'm not adding enough value...

  2. Who am I kidding? There's too much competition to try that.

  3. I need to make sure my department gets a decent share of that training.

  4. I missed my chance to raise that with my stakeholder / peer / team member(s). The time has passed.

  5. I'll keep this info to myself. I can use it to help my team look better at year-end.

If any of these sound familiar, and you lead other humans, it is incredibly likely that the environment you have created for your team incorporates a scarcity mentality. But being aware of it and its effects gives you the power to change it.

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How a scarcity mindset can influence your team, your culture AND your growth

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