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3 things to remember when starting a new leadership role

As ambitious yet fallible humans we can forget basic things when we start a new leadership role in an effort to create a good first impression. Here are 3 things to remember.

Louise Brown Coaching - 3 things to remember when starting a new job

1. Ditch the baggage. This is an important opportunity to leave behind things that don’t serve you, and take with you things that do. Keep your inner antennae up and hone in on what habits you want to build, maintain and prioritise to support yourself in this next chapter. You are the expert on what makes you tick, what energises you and what gets in the way – so keep checking in with yourself and own your expertise. Just 5 minutes reflection a day on this in the first few weeks will pay dividends later down the line.

2. Slow down to speed up. In a new environment where you don’t yet have a track record, it’s easy to feel the pressure to quickly have all the answers. We do our best thinking when we aren’t defending ourselves or responding to threats, so instead of rushing to fill the gaps and prove yourself, stay curious and take the time to deepen your understanding of how you can best add value. Paradoxically this will help you deliver impact more quickly.

3. Tune in to your human. Your superpower as a leader is in how you relate to the human you are and the humans you lead. Because leadership is a way of being not a way of doing, everyone will do the same role slightly differently. You don’t have to do things a certain way just because that was how your predecessor did them; equally you don’t need to do things differently for the sake of it. Stay true to yourself and practise self-care during your transition to ensure you allow yourself space to build real connections with your team and colleagues: human connection is the foundation of successful leadership.

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