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Have you ever wondered how other people make their dreams a reality?They take their goals seriously.


In 2021 I experienced many more leaders in my network looking to fund their own coaching support, with more and more ambitious individuals taking control of their growth, regardless of whether their employer funds it. This package is designed to support those leaders on their growth journeys, helping them get from where they are, to where they want to be.


ACCOUNTABILITY: You have a 65% likelihood of achieving a goal if you are accountable to someone for it; this rises to 95% when you have a regular accountability partner. 

SELF-AWARENESS: Coaching holds up a mirror to you, allowing you to access insights about yourself and your situation you might spend years looking for and not uncover on your own. The greater your self-awareness the more you are in the driving seat to achieve your goals.

EXPERIENCED SUPPORT: As leaders we're often at the front of the pack and it can be challenging - the more senior we are, the fewer people we have to share the hard bits with. One of the things my clients value most about me is that I've walked in their shoes: I know what it's like to lead a big team, operate to targets and manage complicated politics, and I understand why those things can keep you awake at night.

  • A regular, dedicated and 100% confidential space to explore your growth with a qualified practitioner whose only objective is to help you reach your goals

  • A highly experienced accountability partner (me) who will support you and hold you to account for the changes you want to make - significantly increasing your power to make your goals a reality

  • Comprehensive insights around your personality traits and preferences, giving you an increased understanding of what impacts your energy levels and the way you navigate challenges

  • Sharper awareness of the values that drive you, allowing you to shape your goals and objectives in the context of what motivates you as a human being

  • Fast access to relevant leadership resources and inspiration without the need to search - saving you time and energy to focus on your growth and your day job

  • Tailored introductions and connections to other leaders with similar challenges - providing a more three-dimensional, human and holistic growth experience

Package intro

  • 6 x 1:1 leadership coaching sessions of 90 - 120 minutes tailored to your needs and goals, over period that works for you (usually 3-6 months), either in person at the LBC Coaching studio, or via Microsoft Teams / Zoom

  • Preferences diagnostic – understand more about personality preferences so you can play to your highest energy levels

  • Values diagnostic – find out what your core values are and what drives you, allowing you to better understand the goals, projects and missions that motivate you

  • Personalised hardback LBC growth journal to support your growth journey

  • Advance complimentary access to LBC coaching insights, tools and content to inspire and support you on your journey

  • Access to LBC network - connecting you to other humans with similar challenges to enable you to share, learn and grow


David Butler
CEO Crew Clothing

What has been hugely helpful about Louise is her skill and ability to grasp the various challenges that we have which are varied and evolving. They often require solutions from other sectors, where she sees the bigger picture. Louise successfully ensures your goal is never forgotten and that the objective – which for us is always growth – is pulled back into the solution and not lost in a world of advisory chat.

Carli Niemann: Louise Brown Coaching

Carli Niemann 

Head of Finance, Coda

Having a demanding role in a high growth business and managing some pivotal financing events, I felt overwhelmed with limited bandwidth to plan and think more strategically. Working with Louise I developed confidence, focus and strategies to manage my time and energy levels, which has given me breathing space to make key decisions for my future and better support the business.  

Toby Smeeton: Louise Brown Coaching

Toby Smeeton
Managing Director, Sunday

Louise is pretty rare. She has outstanding C-suite and senior experience, and her approach really targets the heart of the knottiest areas, removing barriers and resolving issues. But perhaps more than this, what sets her apart is that she really gets that there’s a positive commercial endgame for her clients  – in our case, business growth – that is realised as a result of her partnership.


January 2022 limited introductory offer: £5,760 inc VAT
Full-price rate: £7,200 inc VAT

Promotional Saving: £1,440

Coaching is an investment into yourself which starts to pay off from your first session.


In a global study by the International Coaching Federation,
96% would repeat the coaching experience and
68% of self-funding coaching clients had a direct financial benefit from coaching, getting an average of 3.44 times their initial investment back.

Unlike day-to-day purchases, holidays and material luxuries, the benefits of coaching last a lifetime, staying with you forever.


How committed are you to realising your goals? If you want to increase your chances of meeting them I'd love to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Book a discovery call 

Get in touch for a human-to-human chat to see how I can help you successfully reach your goals. Integrity is a core value for me (you can see my ethics policy here) and I will always tell you if I think coaching isn't the right intervention for you - but if it is - it could be the first step you take towards transformational growth.

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