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5 signs your vision could be working harder to unlock growth

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What to look out for when checking the strength of your leadership vision

Your vision can be a force that drives growth, loyalty and transformation, and by connecting to and taking ownership of it at a human level, you can empower yourself and those you lead.

As humans, when we truly believe in what we are aiming for and understand the impact of reaching our goal, we derive meaning and significance from the time and energy we invest into our everyday work, which fulfils us and enables us to perform at our best.

As a leader, one of your primary roles is to embody and maintain a focus on the vision for the people you lead.

5 signs your vision could be working harder to unlock growth

  1. You don't wake up in the morning feeling closely connected to the outcome and value of your day to day work

  2. You struggle to articulate the impact your business makes to stakeholders in 3 sentences or less

  3. You spend more time and energy on the 'how' and the 'what' of your business than the 'why'

  4. Your competitors have more energy and focus in the market

  5. You and your hiring managers have to explain the vision of your business to potential hires more than once before they understand it



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